The Vampire of Hollywood Cemetery

Richmond, Virginia – Hollywood cemetery

Somewhere in the infamous cemetery is a mausoleum.

Etched into the stone at the entrance is the name W. W. Pool dated 1913.

Inside this tomb is what people in the area believe to be the remains of a vampire.

The story? Pool was run out of england in the 1800’s for… well? Being a vampire.

This fantastically creepy story has been floating around since the collapse of Richmond’s Church Hill Tunnel in 1925.

When the tunnel collapsed, several workers were tragically buried alive in the rubble.

As legend would have it, people described a bloody figure with pointed teeth and skin hanging from its bones emerging from the wreckage. The being was seen running towards the James River. Some onlookers went after the figure and pursued until it disappeared into the mausoleum of W.W. Pool in the Hollywood Cemetery.

Research into the Vampire legend revealed that one survivor did manage to escape the deadly cave-in., His name was Benjamin Mosby, a 28-year old firefighter who had been shoveling coal in the tunnel when it collapsed. He was badly burned with broken teeth when he escaped the ruins and later died from his injuries in a local hospital.

“Facts” haven’t stopped the legend though. People still flock to the location and Hollywood Cemetery is still a favorite haunt for ghost hunters.