The Lonely Dove

The Lonely Dove is a new drinking establishment that opened its doors only a little over a week ago. It is run by Mrs. Murphy Daughtery, who tells our reporter she wanted to make Clifton Forge feel more like home, and that it has always been a dream of hers to open up a pub. Charmingly, she continues to tell us the story of how she went on a vacation, ready for a new life and fell in love with her new husband, Light Daughtery, and Clifton Forge, all at once. The couple originally met in Louisiana, but shortly after their marriage they were drawn to this quaint little town in Virginia, where, according to Mrs. Daughtery, nature was just calling out to them.

To celebrate her long time wish and honour her childhood memories of her father’s favourite pub back in Ireland, which also was the inspiration behind her own name, Mrs. Daughtery’s Lonely Dove Pub has a rustic, traditional feel to it, and offers both traditional Irish beverages as well as beer from local breweries. Tuesdays offer live singing by a young lady named Rajani and Thursdays are open mic night for any one who wants to sing. The opening night even had a karaoke theme, which we are being told might make a return by public demand.

Mrs. Daughtery stresses the importance in community, and how she has made an active choice in supporting local suppliers of her beverages. Furthermore, she tells us that her sister, Rose, who owns Schaefer Groceries, is her supplier for all fruit used in her drinks.

The Lonely Dove is a pub open for everyone regardless of their walk of life or taste in drinks, and while our reporter and Mrs. Daughtery both agree upon their favourite being a good, well aged whiskey, she invites our readers to come and try their Lustful Maiden.

Article by Caspian Douglas