A New Investor

Clifton Forge is a small town full of old world charm and old time traditions. But with that, this sleepy town is not sheltered from changing times and hands that hold the property deeds.

One such recent change Clifton Forge can see is a new investor for the local paper, your very own Clifton Forge Telegraph.

The new benefactor? Well, he’s a mystery. Only one person in your sleepy, little town knows their identity, and that’s the one person they hired directly to get the paper back up and running… Faeryn Murphy, also known by her friends as Fae.

Fae was hired in early May as the paper’s Editor in Chief, and she’s already cleaned up the office and gotten a head start on getting the paper a fresh look and more avenues to entertain the varied residents of Clifton Forge.

Keep watch! Lots to come as the columns and news stories are rolled out! We are very excited about this investment. The news in a main vein in life, and we’re happy to know your mainline to your local news is coming back to life.

– From the desk of the Clifton Forge Telegraph investor’s office.