Fight Breaks Out By the Cliff View

Authorities responded to reports of a brawl in front of Clifton Forge’s one and only Cliff View Hotel late Saturday afternoon. Witnesses state at least four unidentified assailants were seen trying to bring each other down to the ground and one was seen carrying a weapon. While it is unknown at this time just what caused the fight to break out, it has been verified through witnesses all suspects were wearing both masks and dark, nondescript clothing.

A reliable source told the Telegraph the suspects appeared to be on drugs and one of the suspects attacked an officer of the law before being subdued with force. While one was able to flee apprehension, three of the suspects were arrested on scene. Two were taken to the local clinic with various injuries from both the fight and shots fired by the police.

The Telegraph has reached out to the manager of the Cliff View hotel and Clifton’s mayor, Max Holden. The Cliff View declined to comment; however, Sheriff Holden had the following to say:

I will tell you that no one was grievously injured, no charges were filed, and there is no reason to believe that there will be any further disturbances.

Max Holden, Sheriff of Clifton Forge on the fight in front of the Cliff View Luxury Hotel

It’s uncertain whether or not these public acts of depravity speak to a decline in Clifton’s appeal. Hopefully, with upcoming Mayoral elections, whomever is chosen to represent The People will be able to ensure nothing like this happens again. Remember to vote, citizens, and get those with addiction problems the help they need!