Is everything found on this website public knowledge?

Yes! The goal here is to stir up some RP. If it’s here, your character could have easily stumbled upon it via the internet or read it in the weekly publication released every Sunday.

I have an idea for the paper! What do I do?

AWESOME! Send Peyton Knox (riskanything resident) or Faeryn Murphy (TheresaHerondale resident) a notecard with your idea, your name, and whether or not you’d like to be in charge of said idea or if you’re just sharing your creativity.

Is the blog ICly willing to collaborate with others?

Absolutely! We’d love to have you. Contact Faeryn Murphy (TheresaHerondale resident) to arrange an OOC meet up.

I want to submit a Personal or Classified ad or a Business Opportunity. What do I do? What can they be about?

Tag a staff member in Discord or reach out in world. If you have placed your item in Discord and do not see it here, let us know!

Are you hiring?

YES. As of 05-13-2020, the paper is run anonymously. If you are interested in working for the Clifton Forge Telegraph, reach out to Faeryn Murphy (TheresaHerondale resident) in world or on Discord.

The Rumor Line- really? Why? Who can submit? Does it have to be true? What if I don’t like something that’s posted about my character?

That’s a fairly simple answer: to generate RP! Oftentimes in a sim, it’s easy to get segregated into little groups and at Clifton Forge, we don’t want that! It’s meant to be an integrative tool that brings together everyone. Any approved citizen can submit to the tipline 24/7 by submitting a notecard to Peyton Knox (riskanything resident) or Faeryn Murphy (TheresaHerondale resident).

As far as not liking something that’s posted? That’s a little bit tricky. The rule of Clifton Forge has and always will be In Character Actions = In Character Consequences (ICA=ICC). While the typist will never reveal her sources, there are ways ICly to go about discovering who submitted what.

This is all about trial and error and it’s all about every single one of you. The point of the Rumor Line is to have fun. If you find a rumor to be particularly offensive (note: there is a difference between offensive and true- the Clifton Forge Telegraph does NOT require rumors be accurate) or you feel as though something posted qualifies as metagaming, please contact an admin.

And remember- if you find yourself in the spotlight on the RumorLine, you’re not helpless. Fire back. Submit a rebuttal calling the anonymous writer out, we’ll post that too. 😉