Wet T-shirt contest at Roady’s

The telegraph has reached out to Roady’s owner Finn Cavanaugh who recently hosted a wet T-shirt contest, judged by none other than our own newly elected Mayor Vish:

“It was an amazing night where many of our city’s residents were able to come together, have a bit of fun, eat our famous nachos, and party alongside a mayor who knows how to let his hair down. I think I speak for my staff when I say that we are so thankful to Mayor Vish for taking the time out of what, I expect, is a very busy schedule, just to get down with the residents of Clifton Forge.”

Of course, we also reached out to the mayor himself for a statement of his own:

“I had an amazing time. Anyone who’s looking for a great place to drink and have a good time should go to Rhoady’s.”

We believe it is now safe to say that our new mayor is likely to be one to count on when it comes to making public appearances. We just have to hope he is as enthusiastic about his work at the City Hall.

Statements provided by Finn Cavanaugh and Vishaal Khuran, Mayor.

-Caspian Douglas