The deadline for our competition in collaboration with the Clifton Forge Camera Club is looming near. The deadline for submitting your photo of your favourite place in town is on the 11th this month. The winner will be revealed, along with a gallery display of all contributions, at the Cliff View Inn Conservatory at 1pm the 25th of October.

Help & Submissions Wanted

Clifton Forge Telegraph is now accepting submissions. Got a question for Auntie Em? You can either drop a note in the mailbox just outside of our office or email one of the editors! All communication with be kept strictly anonymous. Whether it’s advice, rumors, or leads that you want in the paper; we’re accepting all submissions at this time.

Additionally, we are now hiring! Got an itch for journalism? Want to interview the walks of life of Clifton Forge, and follow the latest news? Then Clifton Forge Telegraph is the occupation for you. We are also accepting applications for photographers as well! Contact Blair Stagger (lauraisnotonfire) or Caspian Douglas (GaiusVincent) to submit your application today.

Humans of Clifton Forge

“It’s important that our generation takes the necessary steps to build the world up. With our current leaders, things aren’t getting done properly. I pride myself on being the first one outside with a sign to let others know it’s okay to be themselves.

Back home, I had the chance to march for women’s rights as well as LGBTQ+ and black lives. I don’t know if you’ve ever protested but it feels your entire being up with pride and joy. Did we experience some violence? Yes. But this didn’t come from our side. We were peaceful. The opposing side is who shot rubber bullets and maced us. It turned it from peaceful to violence.”

Pictured: Olivia Parker

– Blair Stagger

Underground Fighting Tournament in Clifton Forge

Have you noticed a recent upswing of fighting all over town recently? And have you also noticed how suddenly all this fighting has come to an end? Let us assure you. The fights have not ended, but only gone below ground.

For roughly a month now, citizens of Clifton Forge have been engaged in an underground fighting tournament hosted by a mysterious unknown organisation. And the prize? The winner is said to be awarded by a cash prize, and will be allowed to request a special boon from this mysterious group themselves.

Do not be alarmed! This is all in good fun. According to one of the competitors, who has requested to remain anonymous, all kinds of people are competing. “There are people with both physical and mental disabilities, and we even have a pregnant lady!” they told us during our brief chat.

The question however remains. Who are these mysterious benefactors of this contest? Is there a new group of well doers in our sleepy little town? Or a new crime syndicate growing its roots under ground? Perhaps it’s just a group of hackers and hobbyists getting together for a laugh? Only one thing is known. They sure seem resourceful.

Caspian Douglas

Dance, Cosplay and Drama

The month-long LARP event based on the Tears of Blood series by the prominent author T.E. Johns came to an end with a grandiloquent Vampire Ball, where guests and organizers appeared not only in their best clothes but cosplaying characters from the ToB novels and other series around the existence of vampires.

T.E. Johns, who kindly took the time to sign a few books, appeared in the role of her character Embry Penrose and was accompanied by Clifton Forge Mayor Vishaal Kuran, who was cosplaying as Raven Cromwell another of John’s main characters appearing in “Vampire Republic”. Other characters personified during the party were Lincoln Pierce, Betty the Swamp Witch, Kace Halifax and many more, making the whole night a complete success for the author and the organization behind the event.

Author T.E Johns Aka Haley Carlisle and Major Vishaal Khuran

John’s looked a bit tense and tired, which we attributed to the long event probably taking its toll on the author after a whole month. Still, when interviewed about her next work, she graciously answered that it would come out soon; and that in the meantime, she is working in a deal for a movie. So, we might see Emily Penrose, Lincoln Pierce, Sir Cadmus Pierce, Lolth Okami and all the others soon on the big screen. Hopefully, faithful to the source material.

Later in the night the real reasons for the tension was revealed when a woman, identified as Coira, confronted the author, apparently in what seems like a casual banter, but T.E. Johns was having none of it. The offended author’s reply revealed that, following with the influx of crime in Clifton Forge, she had been attacked recently. The fight was quickly defused, but it showed the underlying tension and that things might not be as good in paradise as our famous author would like to make us believe.

Still, we celebrate T.E. Johns work and will be waiting for her next book and, hopefully, a movie. Meanwhile you can check her latest work “a Rose Among the Wilten,” which you can find in your local bookstore or you can buy online.

-Jiriel Fenix

Wet T-shirt contest at Roady’s

The telegraph has reached out to Roady’s owner Finn Cavanaugh who recently hosted a wet T-shirt contest, judged by none other than our own newly elected Mayor Vish:

“It was an amazing night where many of our city’s residents were able to come together, have a bit of fun, eat our famous nachos, and party alongside a mayor who knows how to let his hair down. I think I speak for my staff when I say that we are so thankful to Mayor Vish for taking the time out of what, I expect, is a very busy schedule, just to get down with the residents of Clifton Forge.”

Of course, we also reached out to the mayor himself for a statement of his own:

“I had an amazing time. Anyone who’s looking for a great place to drink and have a good time should go to Rhoady’s.”

We believe it is now safe to say that our new mayor is likely to be one to count on when it comes to making public appearances. We just have to hope he is as enthusiastic about his work at the City Hall.

Statements provided by Finn Cavanaugh and Vishaal Khuran, Mayor.

-Caspian Douglas