Humans of Clifton Forge

“It’s important that our generation takes the necessary steps to build the world up. With our current leaders, things aren’t getting done properly. I pride myself on being the first one outside with a sign to let others know it’s okay to be themselves.

Back home, I had the chance to march for women’s rights as well as LGBTQ+ and black lives. I don’t know if you’ve ever protested but it feels your entire being up with pride and joy. Did we experience some violence? Yes. But this didn’t come from our side. We were peaceful. The opposing side is who shot rubber bullets and maced us. It turned it from peaceful to violence.”

Pictured: Olivia Parker

– Blair Stagger

From a Concerned Citizen

When tragedy strikes, we look to those in power for guidance. We look to the leaders to see what step to take next. From the recent attacks on local businesses such as the Sip n’ Bite and Suds to a body washing upon the shores of our town, it appears as though leadership is not to be found. The recently elected mayor hides within his office. When he is seen out, it is not where he should be. Instead of comforting and reassuring the residents of Clifton Forge that justice will prevail and that they are safe within their own community, he has been found at Roady’s, participating by judging a wet t-shirt contest as well as visiting for their latest event which saw mayor Vishaal Khuran stripping his shirt off and riding upon a mechanical bull.

Everyone is allowed their fun and pleasure, there is no question of that. However, when a community is concerned, when the residents are frightened of what is going on within their town, those in leadership roles should be looking for ways to help the general population. This small town of Clifton Forge has become home to many, myself included. I know many who voted for Mr. Khuran, and I will openly admit that I did as well with hope of seeing a community that is bettered by the leadership of someone placed into the position. The article recently printed within the Telegraph shows that while Mr. Khuran shows interest in helping the community, he is not seeing the big picture and he is not seeing the very serious impacts from the recent tragedies within the local community.

So far, while Mr. Khuran promised a great deal, his promises have fallen flat. We have not heard from the mayor. Not a single statement from his office has been made, not a single word heard. No news conferences have been put together.

Instead, the mayor remains a turtle hiding with his head in his shell. Mr. Khuran, it is time for you to lead the people of this town. We elected you for a reason. Be the leader that we wanted, be the leader that we elected. You have failed this town with your silence, Mr. Khuran.


A concerned resident of Clifton Forge

Statement of Support

I am not one to discuss politics, and I generally keep my opinion to myself, but as election day looms I feel a responsibility to share my thoughts with those I have sworn to protect.

As was stated in the your recent interview with mayoral candidate Khuran, I have been in talks with him about policy changes, reform, and the like. This ongoing conversation was made possible because he reached out to me in order to make it happen, so that in the invent he does win the election we are that much closer to getting these things in to place. The other candidate has not even attempted to make contact with me or my office, which I find surprising with him being a former law enforcement officer.

Furthermore, I admire the passion Mr. Khuran displays when discussing the issues he believes so strongly about, and I believe that will translate into a dedication for this city and the community that calls it home. A dedication that equals, if not rivals, my own.

I, Sheriff Max Holden, support Vishaal Khuran for Mayor, and believe that you should, too.

-Statement provided by Sheriff Max Holden