Reviews from Movieland

It’s that time of the week again. The day where I reflect on all of the cinematic joy that’s graced my screen. And some not so joyful.

This week, I have a couple of flicks that I’d love to tell you all about!

First, let’s talk romance.

The Choice

Nicholas Sparks is well known for his books. But he’s almost more known for their adaptation to film. And this one delivers better than most.

At first, our main characters don’t like each other. She’s moved into the lake house next door in order to study and focus on her career. He has a fun loving group of friends and family that visit often and love to enjoy life on the lake. Two lifestyles that clash despite their instant attraction for one another.

As he says throughout the movie, “You both me.”

Her sentiment of him? Well, she has a few more choice words. As does her fiance.

But when the universe continues to bring these two together, their attraction becomes undeniable.

This movie shows you that, in life, we face so many choices. Some more difficult than others. And some are life or death.

Now, for the action.


With a cast like Gerard Butler, Billy Connolly, Paul Walker, Frances O’Connor, Anna Friel, Michael Sheen and Ethan Embry, you can almost excuse the casting oopsie of Neil McDonough in this high stakes time travel, action flick.

An archaeologist finds himself teamed up with a group of scientists, working on a secret project. But when that project ends up being the accidental discovery of time travel, things get all too real for the group as they’re sent back to retrieve one of their own.

Admittedly, there’s some lackluster fight scenes and a few weak and missing plot line points. But this movie is entertaining and lively. The race to get them all back before their time is up keeps the action going as they fumble their way through 12th century France in the middle of a war.

Reviews From Movieland

Alright, while slightly under the weather, this week, I watched quite a bit of things. From older to newer, I distracted my aching self from my woes with the brilliance that “Hollywood” had to offer.

First up, lets go ahead and hit the romantic side of things…

The Kissing Booth

A Netflix original movie, it depicts what happens when a female (Elle) and male (Lee) best friend duo has to endure the female of the pair falling for the male’s older and mega-hot high school legend brother (Noah). And what happens when she’s face to face with this long-time crush of hers when she’s co-hosting the kissing booth.

An adorable film that even brings back the high school era legend of Molly Ringwald. Sweet, funny and relatable while giving you that just over the edge feel. Quirky and silly while making you awww away the time as you see the love story develop, change and pull you along the way.

If you want a feel-good chick flick that’ll make you giggle, watch The Kissing Booth. Plus! Part two comes out this summer!

Second, how about something with a bit more action…


A wild ride of a flick that shows just how far a game of truth or dare, only without the truth portion, can go when it’s made into a phone app and allows it’s participants an anonymous status.

Vee is that typical mousy high schooler that has her sights more on her future than her present, flanked (in her small group of friends) by the adoring best guy friend (Tommy), hovering mother and outlandish and overshadowing best friend (Sydney).

Upon trying too hard to push Vee into what Sydney thinks is being more fun, Vee decides, on a whim, to join her bestie in being a player instead of a watcher in the high stakes game of Nerve. Only, she soon finds out how high of stakes things will get. You know… because… snitches get stitches!

A def must-see. One I personally saw 5 times in the theater and countless times on disc and digitally. Fun, funny, action packed. Oh, and don’t forget about the Wu-tang Clan lyrics!

Reviews from Movieland

Hello and welcome to our weekly look at two random movies each week.

That’s right, each week, I’ll be selecting two movies… one a bit more action or horror and one more on the romantic side. And I’ll tell you what I think of them! Some will be newer to give you a glimpse of what’s “out now” while others might be more of a flashback to remind you of some gems from the past… or not so gems.

Now, without further ado, BRING ON THE MOVIES! ★ ☾ * . .

—» Movie #1

Pride and Prejudice [2005]

Staring Keira Knightley and Matthew Macfadyen (among many others.)

A classic story brought to us by the timeless mind and book of Jane Austen’s. A story that reminds us that pride and misunderstandings and social status can and do often muddle our hearts and minds.

Elizabeth Bennet (Keira Knightley) lives with her mother, father and sisters in the English countryside. Ina time when social standing, titles and money ran everything, even down to IF you could or would marry, the Bennet family face a perilous time as their title doesn’t carry them when there’s no sons and five daughters that all have yet to marry.

Can love bypass prejudices? Will pride overrun a heart’s desire? Well, you’ll just have to watch and see how these upstanding English countryside women handle themselves when faced with needing to marry or try to find love.

—»Move #2

Lucy [2014]

Staring Scarlett Johansson

A not-so-classic film but definitely a timeless moral – Don’t trust drug dealers.

Lucy is the every-day-woman type from a not-so-well-off lifestyle in a city who makes the wrong decision to trust a man she probably knew she shouldn’t have trusted. And oof… her choice makes all my horror stories in relationships perish in comparison!

Young Lucy gets kidnapped and forced to act as a drug mule for some pretty unsavory types. And, of course, she’s knocked around a bit. Not so great on the goods, right boys? Only in her case, her outcome walks that fine line on “this is horrific” and “this is amazing” when she starts to absorb even the smallest amount of the synthetic hormone she was transporting.

Packing in a long list of tropes, cliches and thoroughly done plot lines into one, Lucy manages to feel like an original story in its own way. And when our pretty little drug mule gets her chance to show her abusers how their precious drug works? Whew! Well, that’s almost as good as what happens to her when it’s in full effect.

If you like a flick with pretty FX, a sci-fi type story and some pretty sexy action scenes? I’d say grab Lucy for your next to-watch movie.