There is a new club in town! The Clifton Forge Camera Club is working with the Telegraph to host a photography contest. The theme is simple! Your favorite place in Clifton Forge! Help take us on a visual tour of the city and vote on the photographs you like the most. The photos entered will be put on exhibit at a secret location and the winner’s photo will be the new header for the Telegraph and be featured in the following issue!

A book review and an invite, rolled into one

As far as anyone has known, famous author E.T. Johns has been shrouded in mystery. Countless attempts to uncover their identity have been made as they publish book after book of the dynamic vampire drama romance series, Tears of Blood. Teens and adults alike rush to get their hands on the latest book set in the supernatural world E.T. Johns weaves to follow the protagonist, dark-headed vampire Embry Penrose, as she realizes what it’s like to live and love as a vampire amidst her rivals, werewolves and hunters, as well as other powerful vampires, witches, and even the occasional human. Longtime fans hold out hope for the identity of Embry’s infamous Sire to be revealed in the upcoming release. Tears of Blood has remained popular for years, holding New York Times Bestseller awards for each installation. Despite this, not much is known of the author who keeps a very private life but sometimes leaves hints in the books as to their identity. No one has cracked that mystery. Until now. The Clifton Telegraph brings you the name of E.T. Johns after so many years in hiding. Drum roll please…

Haley Carlisle.

And that’s not all. She’s in Clifton, and she has been for months now, telling our interviewers that she found inspiration in this small town in the middle of nowhere. She cites that it made her stop and write her newest installation of Tears of Blood right here. In addition, she’s set up a game for all of Clifton to participate in the hopes of ramping up expectations for the release of her new book, The Rose Amongst the Wilted. A book signing will be held, but that’s not even the start of the fun Ms. Carlisle has planned for us. She notes that we may look forward to both DarkCon, a gaming convention to be held in the Clifton Hotel on August 24th, and The Vampire Ball, an event on August 29th ((2 PM SLT)) for fans to dress as vampires and to promote the release of E.T. John’s latest. 

But wait! That’s not where it ends.

She asks us to use our imaginations, inspired by the Tears of Blood series, to LARP (live action role-play) our own scenarios or ones directly from the book. Become your very own vampire, victim, hunter, werewolf, even witch, and act in the streets, engaged in fights or soapy romances, as if we live in this very supernatural world of Tears of Blood! It only gets more juicy (or bloody in the fun of it all). Fans from all around will join us, so don’t be shy, go all out. Dress in custom-made outfits or as the characters themselves. Perhaps you choose the sexy, mysterious werewolf that seems to be intertwined with her fate, Axel Knight, or maybe the hunter she plays a sexy game of cat and mouse with, Kace Halifax. Then, there is the devastatingly beautiful but wicked witch, Raven Cromwel, and the villainous, pompous, and rich head vampire Sir Cadmus Pierce as he tries to marry her off to his handsome son and prominent Vampire Prince, Lincoln Pierce. 

Of course, those are only a select few of the fan favorites, not to mention all of the recurring victims and occasional allies, including the Roller Babes, the Cotton Candy California Girls, Lion’s Den Biker Gang, and the Italian Mafia, all sprinkled with supernaturals and humans alike. Who will you be? Will you create a new character? Ms. Carlisle is also offering an app for those that participate and create the most LARP as well as interesting storylines, characters, and outfits to which will be judged for points by herself and her PR team. The person who is the most unique will be chosen and revealed in the most dramatic of ways at the Vampire Ball alongside E.T. Johns herself. There are other prizes involved, including a personal mention in the book, the chance to meet with the bestselling author herself, and a mystery prize not to be revealed until the Ball itself. The app is now available in the App Store and is titled Tears of Blood. 

We encourage you all to download the app and create profiles, either private or public, to display what you wish for Haley and her team to judge. Join the swarming fans of Tears of Blood and do justice to the newest, The Rose Amongst the Wilted, and pick up your copy coming soon! The Telegraph expects to see Clifton buzzing with LARP in the passing weeks. Share with your friends and family so all can join in the fanging fun! Who knows? Perhaps Ms. Carlisle herself will be watching or even join you herself. Be on the lookout!

Until the Vampire Ball, my readers.

“You may only have lived eighteen years, but I have stalked you for eight hundred.” -Haley Carlisle AKA E.T. Johns

-Amber Greene

Celebrating the new mayor, Burlesque style

After the Burlesque event at the Sip n’ Bite Milos Tshaikovskaya or Milo, for short, who is one of the managers at the club and the organiser of said event, has sat down with our reporter, Caspian Douglas for a pleasant conversation over tea. The event itself was hosted to raise money to the Central Virginia Land Group, a small non-profit that works to preserve the forests, farmlands, and other natural and historic resources in the area, in honor of mayor Vishaal Khuran’s recent appointment to office. 

The pink haired New Yorker, who besides being a manager at the club is also a personal friend of the mayor has been a key figure behind the scenes of the recent pre election campaign. And although he holds the position of manager at the club he can often be found behind the bar, serving patrons drinks and cocktails, or on stage, dancing for esteemed guests as well as for special occasions. In their talk, the beautiful young man described himself as more of a hands on kind of manager, who prefers to share in the heavy work, rather than handing it off to someone else. For the evening’s main event Milo, and fellow dancers Boison Ivy, Bella Donna and Ophelia Rose put up a spectacular Burlesque Extravaganza to entertain the guests and seduce them into bidding on them in hope for a special date with their favourite performer. 

All dancers, as well as the formidable host, Rhule, were auctioned off to well paying patrons, and all in all approximately  $325,000 was raised, through the bidding, the price of the dinner itself and donations made during the event. Any tips the performers generated were also given to the cause, and some of the businesses who donated their services also made contributions. There were also a few anonymous donors.

For decorations, organisation and contributing with gifts for the guests stands none other than Miss Sumaya Abdi, without whom, according to  the stunning Milo, the event would have never been possible.

For those of you who want to read more about the Central Virginia Land Group, you can do so here. ((OOC note, no, there is no link. No real website))

-Caspian Douglas

Milo in the outfit he wore for the Burlesque show / Private Image

Wet T-shirt contest at Roady’s

The telegraph has reached out to Roady’s owner Finn Cavanaugh who recently hosted a wet T-shirt contest, judged by none other than our own newly elected Mayor Vish:

“It was an amazing night where many of our city’s residents were able to come together, have a bit of fun, eat our famous nachos, and party alongside a mayor who knows how to let his hair down. I think I speak for my staff when I say that we are so thankful to Mayor Vish for taking the time out of what, I expect, is a very busy schedule, just to get down with the residents of Clifton Forge.”

Of course, we also reached out to the mayor himself for a statement of his own:

“I had an amazing time. Anyone who’s looking for a great place to drink and have a good time should go to Rhoady’s.”

We believe it is now safe to say that our new mayor is likely to be one to count on when it comes to making public appearances. We just have to hope he is as enthusiastic about his work at the City Hall.

Statements provided by Finn Cavanaugh and Vishaal Khuran, Mayor.

-Caspian Douglas