Underground Fighting Tournament in Clifton Forge

Have you noticed a recent upswing of fighting all over town recently? And have you also noticed how suddenly all this fighting has come to an end? Let us assure you. The fights have not ended, but only gone below ground.

For roughly a month now, citizens of Clifton Forge have been engaged in an underground fighting tournament hosted by a mysterious unknown organisation. And the prize? The winner is said to be awarded by a cash prize, and will be allowed to request a special boon from this mysterious group themselves.

Do not be alarmed! This is all in good fun. According to one of the competitors, who has requested to remain anonymous, all kinds of people are competing. “There are people with both physical and mental disabilities, and we even have a pregnant lady!” they told us during our brief chat.

The question however remains. Who are these mysterious benefactors of this contest? Is there a new group of well doers in our sleepy little town? Or a new crime syndicate growing its roots under ground? Perhaps it’s just a group of hackers and hobbyists getting together for a laugh? Only one thing is known. They sure seem resourceful.

Caspian Douglas

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