Photo Clubbing at the Beach

Clifton Forge Camera Club is a well-established active club of photographers spanning all ages and skill levels. They offer a fun mix of opportunities, ways to participate and learn the Art of Photography. This meeting, Andonia, the club leader,held a Beach Themed club session where members got to sit on the beach and pose for some vacation-esque photos. Onlookers who didn’t reside in the club wound up participating in the fun, taking photos of their own. When asked about why Andonia had started the club, she stated, “I had a rather…awful event happen and to help myself recover I took pictures,” The warm bubbly girl smiled as she spoke about her passions. “It helped so much and I just…Fell in love. I don’t have a lot of friends in Clifton Forge yet and I thought that maybe there would be some other people who liked this new hobby. I put out a notice online and a flyer in the town hall.” “It went much better than I thought!” In regards to how she felt the club event went. Clifton Forge Camera Club will be hosting another event September 27th at 10 A.M.; this theme being Fantasy in the Forest. Come dressed in your best fantasy gear and get your picture taken, or take pictures with the Clifton Forge Camera Clubbers.

– Blair Stagger

Picture by: Andonia Featuring: Andonia, Blair, Jack, Drew, and Shantae

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