Lingerie, Spray Paint and unicorns

Lingerie, Spray Paint and unicorns

Last week, as is now a tradition, the Sip N’ Bite offered a new event, casually called ‘Pj Body Painting Party’. The event as always attracted all kind of residents, as it was seen on the outfits they wore: from simple pajamas to sexy lingerie, from absurd outfit combinations that barely covered their user’s modesty to full kid-like body outfits (including a unicorn and a puppy).

The night was a success, the club filling pretty quickly and the booze flowed… which was noticeable when one of the patrons, by the name of Haley, and wearing a pink pajama, went rogue under the alcohol’s influence and vandalized the club’s wall, using spray paint to paint a few heart colored shapes.

Soon enough the barman and the guards lead her out of the club and tried to fix the scenario, but it will probably need a costly repair that will surely fall on miss Hailey’s lap. We were far away before the problem began, but noticed Haley’s animosity toward Vivianna, the club’s owner. Meanwhile, the business woman seemed mostly amused by the whole situation, we believe she might not be so amused the next day when she discovered her vandalized walls, but one never knows with certain people.

After that the crowd slowly dripped of, but still, the night felt like a complete success, at least for the Sip N’ Bite.

Jiriel Fenix

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