Humans of Clifton Forge

“[Who is Will?] I don’t know. I ask others around if they have seen him before… I get the same response back every time. He’s neither here nor there. Trying to find him is a lot like walking through a portal, I see the glass he last dropped and pick it up, and I can barely identify the face looking back at me. It’s just a stained crack in the mirror. A boring father.. widower… lacking substance in his day to day life I’ve been dealt a great deal of pain before. Nothing I would say is like the beast of anger. It compliments euphoria… it feels lovely when it seeps away like hot crimson I have many scars to tell a story. But hallucinations are just that… I figure. Stories desperate of narrative. [I’m afraid of] being put into a box with the same man I fear that I’m becoming. Over the years I’ve lost sense of who I am. The line between reality and a nightmare is thinning. My main concern now is waking up in a sea of people I don’t know… when I don’t really know myself either.”

Blair Stagger

Pictured: Will Renfield

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