Presenting: Humans of Clifton Forge

It’s well known that we all come from somewhere. Some of us are born right here in Clifton Forge while the rest of us come from all over the country… Maybe even all over the world. Regardless of where we come from, we are all part of the same desire to be seen, be known, be loved. Clifton Forge Telegraph presents it’s new running articles called Humans of Clifton Forge; a book of street portraits and interviews collected from all walks of life on the streets of our city – modeled after Humans of New York. This will allow us to experience others in the way we never thought we would. Read the stories, connect with one another and maybe make some new friends. Blair Stagger will be cruising up and down the avenues; collecting stories from Clifton Forge citizens as she sees them. Feel free to leave a submission that you would like an interview to be featured in this new series of audaciously private, inspiring, and raw stories

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