Ink Night at the Sip’n Bite

Inked owner Paislee Kleinfield

Last Friday night (August 8th) the halls of the club filled with ink enthusiasts under the auspice of madam Vivianna who oversaw a packed establishment. The usual crowd and newcomers, brim with energy and sensuality, arrived all along the evening, probably attracted by the mixture of naked flesh, the free bar, and the opportunity of earning a new tattoo during the “Show us your tatts” part of the evening.

The event, sponsored by Paislee Kleinfield, owner of Inked, drew all kinds of participants flamboyantly showing their ink work. When asked for the reasons for the event miss Kleinfield told us “half the reason people get tattoos is cause they’re pretty and they want to show them off. I figure why not dedicate a whole night to it?”

Of course, the event will be good publicity to her miss Paislee’s shop, as the ink artist mentioned, and as the etiquette of the Sip N’ Bite is lax on the type or quantity of clothing inside the club, the marriage (if just for a night) seems like a match made in heaven… or a contract made by a succubus from hell.

Some of the designs on display during the evening.

Of course, the event was more than just a business enterprise. “Think of it as the same concept as an art gallery,” said miss Paislee, “except instead of canvas it’s skin. Everyone likes looking at well-done art, just cause it’s on a person doesn’t change that. And by sponsoring it gets the name of the shop and my artists out there and on the radar for the people in town who didn’t know about us, to begin with.”

And with that in mind, if you are curious about learning more about tattoos, or getting one for yourself (just make sure you are not drunk and under a bet, as this reporter can attest) go take a look at Inked, which is located in Railroad Av., besides the Brothers Grimm Bakery and our own office, just across from the Police Station.

– Photos and text Jiriel Fenix

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