Chaos Continued

Dear citizens of Clifton Forge. I hope you have all been well since I wrote to you last, and that you are enjoying your summer, and all that it brings. Our town is a beautiful place during the summer months, and has offered a wide array of entertainment, from poetry reading and bbqs on the beach to vampire themed raves in keeping with the ongoing city wide larp brought to our sleepy little town this month. 

But everything is not fun and games, and while the zombie hooker on the corner and the charming vampire dandy picking up boys or girls at the Sip are most likely nothing but harmless fun and role play for those who are so inclined, the world and life still goes on for others. And crime goes on with it. Because of these crimes, this issue of the Telegraph is somewhat shorter than what you have probably come to expect, since our office has been out of commission. The photography competition, in collaboration with the new photo club has unfortunately also had to be postponed until a later date.

Lonely Dove owner Murphy Daughtery together with husband Light. Private picture

We are currently seeing a new wave hitting our dear city. As with the last wave, where business like Trax on Wax, the Sip’n Bite and Suds were targeted, these last two weeks have seen the quaint little Irish pub, the Lonely Dove, blown to fiery hell and the Telegraph office smashed to pieces. And yes, you might think that these are all just business, and at least not people’s homes. Think again. Clifton Forge is a small, tight knit community, where business owners not only rely on their business from their income, but base their entire life around what they have created and share with the rest of the community. The destruction brought upon these premises change not only facades, but entire lives. And that’s without mentioning the pain and suffering, possibly even death, caused by these attacks. 

Fortunately, no one was at the Telegraph office when it was vandalised, but the owner and guests at the Lonely Dove were not so fortunate when the criminals struck again, with at least one person hospitalized and one other known victim , owner Murphy Daughtery’s husband, Light Daughtery, deceased. 

As only a peripheral victim in these attacks, but more so as a concerned citizen, I, Caspian Douglas want to encourage everyone to please, be valiant, and if you see something suspicious, report it to your local sheriff’s office. Together we can make Clifton Forge safe again.

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