Cold garbage

CLIFTON FORGE, Va. — it was seven years ago when a mysterious garbage bag was found by local fishermen on Clifton Lake. The bag contained the dismembered body of local resident Joanne Moonling. Autopsies revealed that the 47 year old single mother had died from mysterious causes.

Joanne had been missing for 6 months when her remains were found. At the time she left behind her 17 year old son Ash Moonling. Joanne’s killer was never caught and the case is still open till this day. The only suspect in the cases was her son Ash Moonling. Family friends claimed the two had a dysfunctional relationship that could have led to the murder.

However, no evidence has ever been found nor confirmed. “It’s obvious that it was her son.” Said neighbor Kevin Pratt. “The Moonlings rarely had guests. The boy was living there alone for two months till he reported her missing.”

Before Joanne went missing police had been called to the residents twice before due to claims of abuse and violence between the two. Ash Moonling served six months in a Virgina correctional facility for boy’s in 2012 for domestic violence. He filed claims against his Mother that were dropped shortly after. He was released from the correction facility in early 2013 three weeks before his mother’s disappearance.

Recently when asked to comment on his mother’s murder Ash Moonling refused to speak claiming that he had no involvement. The case remains cold however Joanne Moonling has not been forgotten. If you have any information on this case it is advised that you contact the Clifton Forge Sheriff’s Office.

-Amber Greene

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