Celebrating the new mayor, Burlesque style

After the Burlesque event at the Sip n’ Bite Milos Tshaikovskaya or Milo, for short, who is one of the managers at the club and the organiser of said event, has sat down with our reporter, Caspian Douglas for a pleasant conversation over tea. The event itself was hosted to raise money to the Central Virginia Land Group, a small non-profit that works to preserve the forests, farmlands, and other natural and historic resources in the area, in honor of mayor Vishaal Khuran’s recent appointment to office. 

The pink haired New Yorker, who besides being a manager at the club is also a personal friend of the mayor has been a key figure behind the scenes of the recent pre election campaign. And although he holds the position of manager at the club he can often be found behind the bar, serving patrons drinks and cocktails, or on stage, dancing for esteemed guests as well as for special occasions. In their talk, the beautiful young man described himself as more of a hands on kind of manager, who prefers to share in the heavy work, rather than handing it off to someone else. For the evening’s main event Milo, and fellow dancers Boison Ivy, Bella Donna and Ophelia Rose put up a spectacular Burlesque Extravaganza to entertain the guests and seduce them into bidding on them in hope for a special date with their favourite performer. 

All dancers, as well as the formidable host, Rhule, were auctioned off to well paying patrons, and all in all approximately  $325,000 was raised, through the bidding, the price of the dinner itself and donations made during the event. Any tips the performers generated were also given to the cause, and some of the businesses who donated their services also made contributions. There were also a few anonymous donors.

For decorations, organisation and contributing with gifts for the guests stands none other than Miss Sumaya Abdi, without whom, according to  the stunning Milo, the event would have never been possible.

For those of you who want to read more about the Central Virginia Land Group, you can do so here. ((OOC note, no, there is no link. No real website))

-Caspian Douglas

Milo in the outfit he wore for the Burlesque show / Private Image

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