Statement of Support

I am not one to discuss politics, and I generally keep my opinion to myself, but as election day looms I feel a responsibility to share my thoughts with those I have sworn to protect.

As was stated in the your recent interview with mayoral candidate Khuran, I have been in talks with him about policy changes, reform, and the like. This ongoing conversation was made possible because he reached out to me in order to make it happen, so that in the invent he does win the election we are that much closer to getting these things in to place. The other candidate has not even attempted to make contact with me or my office, which I find surprising with him being a former law enforcement officer.

Furthermore, I admire the passion Mr. Khuran displays when discussing the issues he believes so strongly about, and I believe that will translate into a dedication for this city and the community that calls it home. A dedication that equals, if not rivals, my own.

I, Sheriff Max Holden, support Vishaal Khuran for Mayor, and believe that you should, too.

-Statement provided by Sheriff Max Holden

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