Pride Month: A Rainbow Review

Every year, the small town of Clifton Forge comes alive in June for Pride Month. The rainbow splashed over the town, not leaving a single inch untouched. Excited energy could be felt within the air as the town prepared for what would be yet another spectacular Pride Month.

Kicking the celebrations off, the Sip n’ Bite hosted The Magic of Drag, an event that saw the gorgeous Mz. Direction as the hostess. With her sisters, Miss Lolo Lita and Miss Dyana Mite, the trio put on a spectacular show that had the crowd dancing right along with them under the glitter that rained down. The festivities ended with a costume contest that saw Mr. Damon Dark as the winner. Those that were able to catch the show were left with excited energy that certainly came from the drag sisters. Hopefully, we’ll be seeing that trio again soon!

As other local businesses got into the spirit of Pride Month, we were able to see that some were offering special sales, the proceeds going to local charities that help the LGBTQIA2S+ community. Known for its bath bombs and other self-care indulgences, Suds held a month long sale of rainbow products. That crayon box of colors that could be seen on any Pride flag were seen within Suds, the bath bombs highlighting the variety of flags that could be seen during the month.

While some businesses held month long sales as Suds did, others drew the public in, getting them involved. Held at the Rosery, there was a Grow Your Pride event where one could create a rainbow flower bouquet for free. Once putting the gorgeous arrangements together, a picture could then be taken within the photo booth that the Rosery had set up, adding yet another layer of excitement to Pride Month where people could come together and celebrate.

Joining in the local businesses that held events, the Lonely Dove held its own, a thrilling night that saw people wearing their best Pride gear and rainbow jello shots being passed out. Everyone seemed to be in a fantastic mood, partying the night away to the music that pulsed away within the popular pub.

Of course, what would Pride Month be without a Pride festival? At the end of the month, the small town got together, throwing a Pride festival that saw a number of other businesses gathering to participate. With glitter and rainbow colored powder, the party kicked off almost right away. Music from Forge Novus Radio could be heard throughout the festival, people dancing carefree to the tunes that were playing. Local businesses decorated their stalls with splashes of color everywhere. Past the stalls, if one wanted more excitement, they could enter the beer garden which had been sponsored by Douglas Workforce Consulting, Forge Novus Radio, and the Lonely Dove Irish Pub.

The festival seemed to be a huge hit, the entire town seeming to show up to show off all of their colors, celebrating the night away. If this is what Clifton Forge looks like every single Pride Month, then we cannot wait for next year’s celebration!

-Evan Keel

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