Interview with Vishaal Khuran

The interview took place at the Telegraph office presumably in between two the busy candidate’s many meetings. Vishaal arrived at the Telegraph office in full campaign mode , wearing what looked to be a U.S. Forest Service Forest Ranger outfit with the U.S. Forest Service logo taped over on the left hand side, as well as a number of campaign buttons decorating his uniform. 

He seemed in good spirits, and eagerly set out to answer our reporter’s questions regarding his involvement with the LGBTQIA community, in light of Pride Month that has just passed, and his work for a more sustainable future. Vishal, who revealed himself to be a member of Planet Earth, as well as being an undisclosed part of the queer community expressed that matters regarding both issues were going to be of doubtless import even after having been elected mayor for Clifton Forge. 

But it wasn’t until asked further about his vision for our town’s sustainable future he became really passionate. “I am going to make sure the right incentives are there for people to transition to using renewable resources. I’ll provide subsidies, tax breaks, and we’ll ensure that we update our building codes to require solar panels and wind turbines to offset the need for power from other sources. I also make sure that our local power grid is updated so that it can accept power from alternative sources.” The candidate promised, and went on to urge every citizen as well as businesses in our community and communities across the state to work together so that we can become 100% green.

In making a comparison to Fredericksburg, which has made a commitment to become 100% green by 2035, Mr. Khuran ensures us that he is going to put together a commitment of our own that is both realistic and aggressive, and that if we band together as a community, he believes we can beat Fredericksburg on their date. His first action as mayor, he claims, is going to be to hire a sustainability export. So if any of you readers out there are up for the role, he urges you to get in touch with him. 

He turned once again to our readers to do their bit to make Clifton Forge cleaner, stating that he intends to create a city website with a handbook and a guide on how to become sustainable as well as hosting educational programs aimed at the public. However, he reassures us that although he will need the community’s help in meeting his lofty goals, it is ultimately him that is going to be responsible, and that if the goals aren’t met, he will be out of a job. And he is already aiming high, claiming that his next campaign slogan will be “Keep Clifton Clean” rather than the current one, stating “Cleanup Clifton”.

So there, dear readers, you all have something to hold this candidate accountable for, should he make the position as Mayor. 

The interview started to take a different tone as the subject changed to law enforcement, with the candidate seemingly somewhat losing interest in the topic. But, we will leave it up to you, our readers to decide whether he is right in his opinion that there is nothing out of the ordinary regarding the levels of crime in our city, if compared to any town of a similar size. However, he goes on to inform us that he has been in conversation with the local county sheriff, Mr Max Holden, who has promised to work with him on key reforms. 

We regret to inform our readers that the interview was cut short as the subject went on to equality, as Mr. Khuran began to seem agitated. He did however ensure us that he is committed to ensure that the city employs fifty percent women, and that he already has made a list of those he wishes to work within his own office. He was able to tell us that “In addition to focusing on issues of justice reform, we’re going to be looking closely at issues relating to homelessness and LGBTQIA outreach. We have a hostel and community center in Clifton Forge that is dedicated to helping address these issues but it’s not enough.”

Unfortunately, it seems that the pressure might have finally gotten to the young candidate, as he was barely finished assuring our reporter that he intents to set an example in the way he forms his own office, with a team that represents all walks of life from the community, before he decided to set an end to the interview by throwing the device it was being recorded on onto the floor.

The Telegraph has since tried to reach out to him to inquire about his well being, but has not been able to get a reply that can confirm how he is currently doing. We can only speculate that the busy campaigning schedule is starting to take its toll.

– Caspian Douglas

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