Election special

It is near time for our town to select its new mayor, and the Telegraph’s reporter, Caspian Douglas, has sat down with both mayoral candidates, Vishaal Khuran and Edward J. Carpenter in discussions about their visions for Clifton Forge’s future. 

First out was Mr. Khuran, for the VoteVish Campaing. Vishaal is a young, passionate Ex Marine and receiver of the Purple Heart and Marine Corps Good Conduct medal, currently employed as a Forest Ranger in Clifton Forge. Besides rallies and speeches to promote his campaign, he has also been hosting clean up efforts at the local beach in the name of his campaign slogan “Clean up Clifton Forge.”

The second candidate to sit down with our reporter was Mr Carpenter of the Carpenter 2020 campaign. Edward is a NYPD veteran and former councilman Meza, Arizona. He is currently working as a bartender at the Sip n’ Bite in Clifton Forge. 

Read our separate pieces about both candidates to see how they performed when faced by our reporter’s questions, and then it’s time for you to decide whether to vote for the passionate, ambitious Vishaal, or the strategic and precise Ed.

-Amber Greene

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