Reviews from Movieland

It’s that time of the week again. The day where I reflect on all of the cinematic joy that’s graced my screen. And some not so joyful.

This week, I have a couple of flicks that I’d love to tell you all about!

First, let’s talk romance.

The Choice

Nicholas Sparks is well known for his books. But he’s almost more known for their adaptation to film. And this one delivers better than most.

At first, our main characters don’t like each other. She’s moved into the lake house next door in order to study and focus on her career. He has a fun loving group of friends and family that visit often and love to enjoy life on the lake. Two lifestyles that clash despite their instant attraction for one another.

As he says throughout the movie, “You both me.”

Her sentiment of him? Well, she has a few more choice words. As does her fiance.

But when the universe continues to bring these two together, their attraction becomes undeniable.

This movie shows you that, in life, we face so many choices. Some more difficult than others. And some are life or death.

Now, for the action.


With a cast like Gerard Butler, Billy Connolly, Paul Walker, Frances O’Connor, Anna Friel, Michael Sheen and Ethan Embry, you can almost excuse the casting oopsie of Neil McDonough in this high stakes time travel, action flick.

An archaeologist finds himself teamed up with a group of scientists, working on a secret project. But when that project ends up being the accidental discovery of time travel, things get all too real for the group as they’re sent back to retrieve one of their own.

Admittedly, there’s some lackluster fight scenes and a few weak and missing plot line points. But this movie is entertaining and lively. The race to get them all back before their time is up keeps the action going as they fumble their way through 12th century France in the middle of a war.

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