The Madman of Bunnyman Lore

1904, buses were transporting inmates from a recently closed asylum prison in Clifton to a new facility. However, this trip would be anything but smooth as they passed through Fairfax when one bus overturned, killing most of it’s passengers instantly.

However, 10 escaped.

All but two of those escapees were rounded up. The two that were never recovered were Douglas J. Grifon and Marcus Wallster.

And thus began over a century of stories that have both marred and intrigued people in and around the Clifton and Fairfax areas.

Several versions of this teeming folklore have surfaced. Some say that there’s been a man that dresses up in a human sized bunny suit and harasses people who park on the side of the road near the Bunnyman Bridge, calling them trespassers and threatening them with hatchets, chainsaws and axes. Some say that one off the escapees lives in the forest there, mutilating and living off bunny kills, hanging their remains in the trees and looking to avenge his murdered wife and children. A man who, when provoked by thrill seekers or taunting teenagers, will kill and hang the bodies off the bridge.

These stories have garnered the area a reputation. One that has been featured in various newspapers, on a variety of television shows and in many, many web sites featuring tall tales.

Mixed reports find an alarming amount of horrific murders in the area. Many are linked to a variety of Bunnyman stories.

This reporter can not help but wonder if this isn’t a situation where one lore is made up of a frenzy of terror in one area.

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