CDC Successfully Eliminates COVID-19

Forty-eight hours after the CDC announced its deployment of the airborne vaccine said to cure the deadly Corona pandemic, governments around the world have finalized lifting restrictions put into place to try and stop its spread. Reports have continued to trickle in from around the globe those infected have been miraculously cured and many are hailing the vaccine as some type of miracle.

A religious group in Ireland is reported to have started a week long prayer group in thanks while others are crying for more money donated to scientific research to ensure such situations never happen again. Regardless of what side of the line you tread, be it religious or scientific, one thing has become clear: even in times of disaster, there are silver linings.

As the world begins to pick up its pieces, many communities are coming together to ensure those most affected are able to find their footing. Our own Mayor Johnson has stepped away from his position as mayor of Clifton Forge to pursue other political careers in the hopes of making a difference in the aftermath that is the world after COVID-19. His successor, known only to the Telegraph at this point in time as ‘Kate’, has some big shoes to fill.

Rest easy, Clifton. The worst is definitely over.

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