CDC Successfully Eliminates COVID-19

Forty-eight hours after the CDC announced its deployment of the airborne vaccine said to cure the deadly Corona pandemic, governments around the world have finalized lifting restrictions put into place to try and stop its spread. Reports have continued to trickle in from around the globe those infected have been miraculously cured and many are hailing the vaccine as some type of miracle.

A religious group in Ireland is reported to have started a week long prayer group in thanks while others are crying for more money donated to scientific research to ensure such situations never happen again. Regardless of what side of the line you tread, be it religious or scientific, one thing has become clear: even in times of disaster, there are silver linings.

As the world begins to pick up its pieces, many communities are coming together to ensure those most affected are able to find their footing. Our own Mayor Johnson has stepped away from his position as mayor of Clifton Forge to pursue other political careers in the hopes of making a difference in the aftermath that is the world after COVID-19. His successor, known only to the Telegraph at this point in time as ‘Kate’, has some big shoes to fill.

Rest easy, Clifton. The worst is definitely over.

Schaefer’s Grocers – NOW HIRING!

Business Name: Schaefer’s Grocers

Recruiter (You) Character Name: Kate Griffin

Recruiter Legacy Name: surafire resident

Job Title: Assistant Manager / Cashiers / Stocking Clerks

Brief Description of the Job:

Assistant Manager: Responsible for the day to day management of employee responsibilities and store function. Responsible for the requisition of produce and products. Responsible for assessing the closing balance at the end of the day and reporting any discrepancies. Other duties may be required.

Cashiers: Responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and organization of the store. Responsible for all customer transactions, balancing out the till at the end of the shift, and making deposits of cash and receipts into the safe. Other duties may be required.

Stocking Clerks: Responsible for maintaining the cleanliness and organization of products stocked on shelves. Responsible for receiving daily shipments of produce and goods. Responsible for the proper pricing of products stocked on the shelves.

Should candidate contact you on Discord or in SL? Second Life. Private messages for OOC questions and IC for roleplay to apply for jobs.

Fight Breaks Out By the Cliff View

Authorities responded to reports of a brawl in front of Clifton Forge’s one and only Cliff View Hotel late Saturday afternoon. Witnesses state at least four unidentified assailants were seen trying to bring each other down to the ground and one was seen carrying a weapon. While it is unknown at this time just what caused the fight to break out, it has been verified through witnesses all suspects were wearing both masks and dark, nondescript clothing.

A reliable source told the Telegraph the suspects appeared to be on drugs and one of the suspects attacked an officer of the law before being subdued with force. While one was able to flee apprehension, three of the suspects were arrested on scene. Two were taken to the local clinic with various injuries from both the fight and shots fired by the police.

The Telegraph has reached out to the manager of the Cliff View hotel and Clifton’s mayor, Max Holden. The Cliff View declined to comment; however, Sheriff Holden had the following to say:

I will tell you that no one was grievously injured, no charges were filed, and there is no reason to believe that there will be any further disturbances.

Max Holden, Sheriff of Clifton Forge on the fight in front of the Cliff View Luxury Hotel

It’s uncertain whether or not these public acts of depravity speak to a decline in Clifton’s appeal. Hopefully, with upcoming Mayoral elections, whomever is chosen to represent The People will be able to ensure nothing like this happens again. Remember to vote, citizens, and get those with addiction problems the help they need!