Fatty Cake Bakery – NOW HIRING!

Business Name: Fatty Cake Bakery

Recruiter Legacy Name: riskanything resident

Character Name: Peyton Maslin

Job Title: Baker or cashier

Other: Baking will be done at Peyton’s home for now as the business is run out of the bakery tram by The Telegraph Office

Should candidates contact you on Discord or in SL?: Both are fine.

Kane’s Antiques & Oddities – NOW HIRING!

Business Name: Kane’s Antiques & Oddities

Recruiter Legacy Name: Neptune Ziplon

Character Name: Roman Kane

Job Title: Shop Manager

Brief description of job: Will work closely with Roman and go adventuring, hunting for lost artifacts and also trade them as well with other players of all walks of life.

Other: Will also need working knowledge of the occult.

Should candidates contact you on Discord or in SL?: Both are fine but Discord will receive a quicker response

Kings Diner – NOW HIRING!

Business Name: Kings Diner

Recruiter Legacy Name: DarkAngler

Character Name: Tristan E. Johnson

Job Title: There are multiple positions – ∙ Cook ∙ Dishwasher ∙ Server ∙ Cleaner

Brief description of job: ∙ Cooks cook ∙ Dishwashers wash dishes ∙ Servers serve customers (while wearing rollerskates) ∙ Cleaners clean the diner

Wage: $10.50 + tips

Other: Overtime is available for full-time & part-time employees; not available for per diem employees. All employees get free food while on-duty, and discounts while off duty. Scheduling is flexible.

Should candidates contact you on Discord or in SL?: Both are fine.

Sitamet Power Gym – NOW HIRING!

Business Name: Sitamet Power Gym

Recruiter (You) Character Name: Declan Kelly

Recruiter Legacy Name: Rhyscarlier Resident

Job Title: Personal Trainers

Brief description of job: Help members with their weight loss goals or their gains goals

Job Title: Fitness Instructors

Brief description of job: Instructors to lead various jobs held at the gym to include, yoga, boxing, spinning, ect.

Job Title: Receptionists Brief description of job: Someone to check in members and loan out equipment.

Job Title: Dietician

Brief description of job: Promotes healthy eating habits, provides meal plans

Job Title: Barista

Brief description of job: makes awesome smoothies for our customers

Should candidates contact you on Discord or in SL?: Either one is fine. If you see me in world, come RP with me.

Books and Brew – NOW HIRING!

Business Name: Books & Brew

Recruiter (You) Character Name: Lulu Sinclaire

Recruiter Legacy Name: Lulu Jaynesford

Job Title: Barista/Bookworm

Brief description of job: Able to make a wide variety of coffee/tea based beverages. Greet customers, recommend books, manage the register. Knowledge of fiction, nonfiction, comic books and graphic novels a plus.

Should candidates contact you on Discord or in SL?: Discord if I’m not in-world, IM me anytime if you see me on sim!

Trax on Wax – NOW HIRING!

Business Name: Trax on Wax Recruiter (You)

Character Name: Kalandra Goes by Kali

Recruiter Legacy Name: noxium1tenebrae

Job Title: Cashier/receptionist

Brief description of job: As we are getting our start recently we are hiring for all positions! Please come by the store and apply! Cashier/receptionisT: Manage the till, check people out, make sure the front area is taken care of, make appointments with people, collect mail.

Should candidates contact you on Discord or in SL?:
Discord is more likely to get to me the fastest but either way works!

BREAKING NEWS – 2.27.2020

Media outlets across Clifton Forge are reporting the possible arrival of the coronavirus in the picturesque town. Officials say a seven year old girl has fallen victim to the dangerous disease after being rescued from a kidnapping by three local heroes. She had been missing for over a day before being found and passed not long after being brought to a local hospital. A second reported victim was said to be found in the vicinity of the church, bleeding what witnesses say is black blood.

Citizens are encouraged to exercise caution both in public and private- wash hands often and avoid any direct contact with anyone that appears to be displaying symptoms.